Surf, chill & soak up the sun!

Experience an amazing yoga & surf holiday in Morocco together with taghazout surf waves ,we offer unique surf guiding & surf coaching for all levels, yoga retreats where you will connect with nature and your inner self, breathtaking hiking experiences in the Atlas Mountains and quality mountainside accommodation at our Surf & Yoga Locations overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

Our Surf Camps in morokko is the perfect choices for couples, friends and solo travelers full of energy and passion, who are looking for some active and social holidays. For those who love a healthy lifestyle through surfing, yoga, and fitness. People that are not afraid to share their passions and experiences with old and new friends during their holidays.


A fascinating place that will overwhelm your senses, with a breathtaking welcoming ambiance of exceptional elegance where you will feel that paradise can be also home. A place where life is flowing all around you, a place where friendliness and happiness reach the highest point of excellence.

At TAGHAZOUT SURF WAVES we want to share our philosophy, to connect people from all around the world to each other, to nature and to the cultural life and traditions of the place. To make feel people at home even where they are thousands of kilometers abroad, offering the opportunity to be part of a new family and share their passion with us and others.





Taghazout was originally a fishing village and it’s still a genuinely Moroccan place. Now, Taghazout is known for being the best place to surf in Morocco! rich in culture and traditions. This surfing capital of Morocco is a small and relaxed village situated about 20 km from Agadir. There are several world-class surf spots within walking distance of the camp and the area gets 330 days of sunshine per year, which becomes clear when you discover your environment; you’re actually on the edge of the Sahara Desert!



The waves in Morocco are regarded as some of the best in the world. Here you’ll find long beaches that are perfect for beginners, alongside incredible point breaks that will leave even the most seasoned surfers breathless. Choose the surf course that suits your level of surfing best and enjoy the expertise and knowledge of our great surf instructors.

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